Best Natural & Organic Face Moisturizers For Every Skin Type

What does natural reality mean, besides, it has a high sense of being a little better and more expensive? Technically, there is no standardized regulation for the FDA term but that has not stopped its brands from using it consistently in marketing their products. So we asked New York City-based dermatologist Sherin Idris to better explain what “natural” products are. “Natural skincare products are about to be as ‘pure’ as possible,” he explains, without the added chemicals and fillers that enable the product to maintain longer shelf life. Which is to say that the best natural products will contain the least ingredients, most of them plant-based, and some will add aromatics, artificial synthesis, or color and aroma. Well, this is even better. Next, there are some natural face moisturizers we can leave behind.

Let Your Natural Beauty Shine

Our skin absorbs the majority of what we put on it – be it cream, lotion or oil. When the products do not work well with our skin: We have all seen side effects, irritation, irritation, and dryness is very high. That is why we are passionate about using the highest and most natural ingredients possible.

We have found nine natural and organic facial moisturizers for all skin types. The best way to get natural and glowing skin. These moisturizers use ingredients like organic coconut oil, antioxidants, and shea butter to leave the skin glowing – and confidently allow you to be prepared that day.

Tell us your favorites! If you are looking for other natural beauty tips, check out our guide to Organic Makeup and Organic Skin Care.

Best Organic Face Moisturizers

Looking for a natural, organic, and soft face moisturizer, but don’t know which organic products are legitimate? Need a hydrating organic facial moisturizer that actually works for the dry winter months? Want to take in the gorgeous photos of skincare products just for fun? Anyway, you’ve got to the right place!

The straightforward meaning of organic is something that grows without genetic modification, pesticides, chemical fertilizers + solvents, dyes, drainage sludge or ionizing radiation. Just because something is organic does not necessarily mean it is safe. In fact, many skincare products contain 100% organic ingredients (even USDA certified organic products can contain 95% organic matter.) Additionally, a product can market itself as “organic” while only a small amount of organic ingredients + are very cheap fillers. With such ambiguity, the claims, ingredients, and companies behind each organic product must be carefully scrutinized. And what we did for this article!

The Complete List For 2020

We’ve researched hundreds of products to bring this final list of face moisturizers. All organic moisturizers included in this list are manufactured by reputable skincare brands, contain effective natural + organic ingredients, have a strong history of customer satisfaction reviews, and have a wide range of products such as Parabens, Flatts, Sulfates, P Free from ingredients like PEG compounds, petrochemicals, and mineral oils. Artificial Perfume + Colors, and Ethoxylate. We also chose SPF moisturizers that use nano-nano compounds for sunscreen protection.

Determining the best organic moisturizer for your face depends on the type and condition of your skin. Dry skin types should look for ingredients such as rich organic oils (such as coconut, avocado, argan, and olive oil), antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid (a powerful hermit that pulls moisture from the air into the skin). People with oily skin will benefit from oil-free moisturizers or moisturizers that contain oils that contain moisture-rich ingredients (absorb oil) or balance oils like yogurt, grapefruit, sunflower, and carrot seeds. Your skin is unique, so read carefully the reviews and ingredients of each organic moisturizer to find the best one for your skin’s specific needs. Need help choosing the best organic skincare product for your skin type? Then, check out our Oxbox! Get a box full of premium organic skincare products tailored to your specific skin type and skin condition.

1. 100% Pure Restorative Extra Riche Créme

Features | Vegan, organic
Ingredients | Sea buckthorn, shea butter, jojoba oil
Skin Type | Normal to dry
Price | $50

1. 100% Pure Restorative Extra Riche Créme
1. 100% Pure Restorative Extra Riche Créme

Pure is made for those who want to feel as comfortable as they are healthy and hydrated. Their Regenerative Culture Extra Rich Chrome contains nutrients rich in nutrients, vitamins and oils that shine, especially for dry-skinned skin. Both vegetarian and organic, you can be sure that no plants, animals, or people are harmed in creating this lovely moisturizer.


It makes my skin look and feels smooth, clean, hydrated, comfortable, strong and not greasy. Makeup goes on it beautifully. “- Barbara

2. Acure Brightening Day Cream

Features | Vegan, sulfate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free
Ingredients | Gotu kola extract, argan oil, chlorella
Skin Type | Normal to dry
Price | $13.65

ACURE Brightening Day Cream | 100% Vegan | For A Brighter Appearance | Cica & Argan Oil - Moisturizes, Fights Dullness & Improves Skin's Appearance | All Skin Types | 1.7 Fl Oz
ACURE Brightening Day Cream

Acure’s Brightening Day Cream is a cult favorite, with four and five-star reviews from more than 700 users on Amazon. Ideal for those with normal-dry skin, it provides the best protection against severe weather, absorbs easily without losing grease, and counteracts dullness. Instead, you’ll be refreshed and ready for more days.

3. Juice Beauty Antioxidant Moisturizer

Features | Vegan, organic, sulfate-free, paraben-free
Ingredients | Apple and aloe juices, coconut oil, vitamin C
Skin Type |Normal
Price | $42

Juice Beauty Antioxidant Moisturizer
Juice Beauty Antioxidant Moisturizer

Juice Beauty Antioxidant Moisturizer is the perfect daily moisturizer for any type of skin. With vegetable hyaluronic acid, it nourishes and pumps the skin when used daily for silky smooth skin. Regularly crafted with fruit and aloe juice, it is also packed with antioxidants to keep you sane all year long. We love the dedication of fresh, organic “farm to beauty” ingredients in juice beauty.

4. True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil

Features | Vegan, organic
Ingredients | Chia seed & kiwi seed oils, passionfruit & papaya seed oils, algae extract
Skin Type | Normal to dry
Price | $110

Move to La Mer, the city has a new super effective moisturizer: pure radiance oil from Tru Botanicals. Using ingredients directly from nature, such as rosemary, kiwi seeds, and papaya, this natural oil turns face cream into a two-punch cartoon for healing and moisturizing. In the morning and evening, apply only 2-10 drops to your skin for less than a week’s results. Now it is worth the investment.

5. Christina Moss Naturals Facial Moisturizer

Features | organic, sulfate-free, paraben-free
Ingredients | Aloe juice, grape seed oil, citrus
Skin Type | Normal to oily
Price | $25.99

Facial Moisturizer - Organic & Natural Ingredients - Face Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive, Oily or Severely Dry Skin - Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle - For Women & Men. Christina Moss Naturals (Unscented)
Facial Moisturizer – Organic & Natural

More than 4,600 reviewers know that Christina Moss Naturals’ face moisturizer is the real deal. Designed for both men and women, this moisturizer is free of charge, made from authentic organic ingredients, and perfect for sensitive skin. And the long haul goes a long way – customers love how long the cream lasts, especially with their 6-month guarantee. And our favorite part? It’s non-greasy so it won’t leave you with oil or filled holes.

6. Nourish Organic Face Cream

Features | Vegan, organic, fair trade
Ingredients | Aloe juice, shea butter, Moroccan argan oil
Skin Type | Normal
Price | $16

Nourish Organic Face Cream
Nourish Organic Face Cream

Nourish Organic Face Cream was one of the world’s first USDA certified organic skincare products. Organic Nutrition prides itself on developing products that support personal care and the environment. This moisturizer provides plenty of hydration, softens supple skin, and replenishes your body’s nutrients – all in a small dose. Better for you, better results for your skin, and better for the earth.

7. One Love Organics Skin Savior Balm

Features | Organic, eco-friendly, cruelty-free
Ingredients | Organic coconut oil, mango butter, jojoba and chia
Skin Type |Normal to oily
Price | $49

One Love Organics Skin Savior Balm
One Love Organics Skin Savior Balm

A Glamorous Beauty Award was recently given to One Love Organics’ Scan Sawyer Balm and it’s easy to see why: This multi-tasking moisturizer cleanses and brightens your skin, without stripping the skin of essential oils. Removes dirt and makeup. A blend of grains, acids, and coconut oil is found for just about any problem around the skin. Perfect for day or night, it will help you in your skincare or self-care routine.

8. Alteya Organics Day Face Moisturizer

Features | Organic
Ingredients | Rose essential oil, calendula extract, macadamia nut oil
Skin Type |Normal
Price | $30

Alteya Organics Day Face Moisturizer
Alteya Organics Day Face Moisturizer

Alteya Organic Day Face Moisturizer is light but powerful. Contains Bulgarian Rose Oil blend, this formula absorbs into your skin easily and makes a difference overnight. Designed to revitalize tired skin, it will keep you toned and even dull, protecting you from the wind or severe weather. Consumers also like that it tightens the skin while tightening the hole. You will immediately see softer, younger and healthier skin.

9. Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream

Features | organic, sulfate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free
Ingredients | Sea buckthorn, calendula, sunflower
Skin Type |Normal to dry
Price | $48

9. Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream
9. Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream

Ursa Major’s Golden Hour Recovery Cream gives you the flexibility you need to look after your face tree and harsh winds. You can use it daily as a moisturizer or overnight cream to repair broken or damaged skin. Made up of 28 natural ingredients, including acids, oils, and antioxidants, you can expect a rich, thick cream that works for all skin types. And best of all, you and your beauty can share. It works great for men and women and lasts for months.

10.Mario Badescu Honey Moisturizer

Honey extract and peanut oil. It is an ingredient rich in weird antioxidants. Work together to moisturize the skin for a nourishing and healthy complexion.

11.Herbivore Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme

All herbal products are completely natural and free of color, toxins and artificial. This creamy whip also contains rose water, aloe vera, and white tea to soothe and calm the skin.

12. Boscia Cactus Water Moisturizer

The Queen of the Night Cactus is an unusual ingredient known for its ability to withstand the most difficult climates by storing water for non-rainy days. When used in this hydrating cream, the dog lid provides the ultimate dose of moisture for smooth, supple skin.

13. Hydrating Face Cream

Idris also likes this hydrating fee cream from Omala. Jasmine works to soften dry skin while avocado fatty acids are nourished.

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