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Learn From The New Fashion Theory Koko Shakeel

Most of us are curious to use international brand shale cosmetics, perfumes, handbags, and jewelry, etc. But do you know about her founder?

The French girl, Coco-Conel, born in August 1883, was not like that of ordinary girls. After completing his studies, a typical family, Koch thought of changing the fashion rules for women in this era to bring new innovation. After the Battle of Great Britain, when he converged Shaleel, he introduced a combination of prestige, simplicity, beauty and modern fashion for women in his products

It was believed that fashionable and females look good when they have dedication and enmity. The apparel designs used to reflect her thinking. Soon he became famous at the top class of France and people began to experiment with love. Coco was also a widespread, intelligent and creative mentor in his normal life. Apart from his brand fans, he had a large circle of friends who liked him. He loved to live according to his principles, but he never crossed moral limits.

Times Magazine also included it in the 20th century 100-effect women’s list. Today we are going to tell you some quotes about Coco-Scalele, which suggest that women become strong and biodiversity. Of course, these values ​​will help in changing women’s lives

He is the world’s best color, which depends on you.
v Fashion changes, but style always persists.
It is not necessary for a new dress to be absorbed.

My life did not make me happy, so I made my choice of life.
The basis for beauty and enlightenment is simplicity.
The beauty of you inside is when you try to become yourself without copying another.
Fashion is not only the dress, but fashion is also available everywhere, in the sky, on the streets. Fashion is actually the name of thinking about new ideas, how you spend your life, it’s also a kind of fashion.
A woman who does not use perfume does not have any future.

You can be sensible at the age of 30, can be attractive at the age of 40, and maybe attracted to all of your life. I do not fashion, I am fashionable, which I wear, becomes fashionable. Success usually comes to those who do not know the failure is inevitable. If you do not like this news, please express your opinion in the below committees and share this on your Facebook page if you like this article

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